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Cape Ann towing has been providing towing and salvage services in South Florida since 1978. While Cape Ann started out as a TowBoat U.S. provider towing vessels of all sizes, Cape Ann quickly became Fort Lauderdale's premier yacht towing provider in the late 70's and has continued to be the provider of choice for captains that value experience and knowledge of the South Florida waterways. In 1998, Cape Ann Towing's parent company, Port Everglades Launch Service Inc., began launch operations in Port Everglades providing transport of ship's stores and crew to ships in the port. In 2003, Cape Ann Towing was purchased by Captain Courtney L. Day who had been a captain with Cape Ann since 1990. Captain Courtney continues to operate the company's tugboats utilizing his almost 20 years of yacht towing and salvage experience and over 30 years of boating experience. Captain Courtney began his boating career as a lobster fisherman on Monhegan Island off Maine's midcoast, continued his career as a captain with Seabulk Towing in Port Everglades for approximately 10 years and continues as the owner/operator of Cape Ann Towing and Salvage and Port Everlades Launch Service. Cape Ann's captains are some of the best in the industry; many of them having over 10 years of experience specifically towing yachts and performing salvage and launch operations with Cape Ann Towing.


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