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The Mack Sails success story is simple: deliver an extraordinarily designed and crafted product – for an honest price that is less than brand names – back it up with sincere interest in the customers’ needs and desires – and stand behind it no matter what. It’s worked so well for nearly 50 years, we’ll just keep at it. As one of our ads says “check our website, chat with our customers and see why Mack Sails has become the biggest small loft in America.


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Virginia V said:


Many thanks for the quick turn around on the mainsail repair and foot shortening for . . . . The four-inch reduction along the foot made a good fit. The MACK sail stowage and recovery system, (Mack Pack) . . . is installed and performs according to your advertising literature and my expectations. It is a good investment for safety and efficiency for a sailing couple. My next improvement project is riding sail for use at anchor. . . . The July Sail magazine has an article which recommends a riding sail for this type hull . . . (Mack Sails made the riding sail for the author) Many thanks for the quick response on the sail repair. . . .