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Our deep understanding of this unique market, combined with unparalleled knowledge of insurance products, creates a full service insurance offering where finding the right coverage for your property and risks is as important to us as it is to you. DII crafts custom insurance packages based on a personal, diagnostic review of your lifestyle, risk and property, measured against short and long term goals. We also take the time to explain practical choices such as; should you pursue a higher deductible to reduce premiums, or are your present limits of protection adequate given the present legal environment. We also identify and correct any vulnerabilities that may exist in your current coverage. And we review your policies periodically, updating them as your life and needs change over time. The end result is a flexible plan that provides customized, comprehensive, and competitive coverage to manage risk, and protect your lifestyle. We offer coverage for any possible form of risk and your agent will know how to pull these different policies together into a bundle that will cover nearly any circumstance. Some of the kinds of specialized coverage we offer include: Homeowners Personal Automobile Personal Liability Jewelry Purchase/Storage/Transportation Watercraft Domestic Workers Compensation Umbrella Coverage Art Collection Coverage on Premises Overseas Shipping for Art/Cars/Jewelry Coverage for Art on Loan to a Museum Exotic Cars Purchase/Storage/Transportation Kidnap/Ransom Wrongful Termination of House Staff Liability as a Result of Being a Board Member Liability as a Result of Children Driving


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