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Air Conditioning, Batteries, Carpentry, Commissioning, Decking, Detailing, Electrical, Electronic Equipment, Fiberglass, Generators, Heating Systems, Interior Design, Metal Fabrication, Paint, Refinish/Varnish, Refit, Thrusters, Water Makers


LUBR can accomplish almost any task from an electronics package or new generator on the family 36 to major in-the-water re-fits to 200 feet. They not only bring mid-life vessels back to new, they specialize in classic restorations. LUBR can even manage or assist re-fits anywhere, in any yard, providing Gantt charts, time and material estimates, consulting or complete job oversight. Major Refitting Design Finish Work Electronics Heating Commissioning Bow Thrusters Damage Repair Wheel House Remodels Interiors Custom Appointmants Electrical Air Conditioning System Upgrades Water Makers Fiberglass Restorations Cabinitry Painting Gen Sets Repower Detailing Warranty Metal Work


4507 Shilshole Ave. NW, 98107, WA 98107

Andrea L said:


The wait here can be long but it is worth it. We had issues with our AC for FOREVER and Lake Union was finally able to get it working.