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Annapolis Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repairs is based at Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard in Annapolis and performs mobile work throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. AGFR is proudly owned and operated by Steve Uhthoff, who brings over 30 years of experience and his exceptional attention to detail to each project. Steve is one of the most highly regarded gelcoat and fiberglass craftsmen on the Chesapeake and takes great pride in performing superior quality work — from structural repairs to mirror-finish paint jobs. With over 30 years of Awlgrip application experience, AGFR produces some of the most beautiful paint jobs on the Chesapeake. Steve is also one of only a few in the area proficient at handling repairs and construction with the new material technologies of carbon fiber and Kevlar. AGFR is a family business, with Steve’s wife - Tracy Uhthoff - running the daily aspects of the office so Steve can do the work he loves. Together, they have built a reputation for great customer service and uncompromising quality workmanship. Gelcoat We apply our experience repairing hundreds of vessels to assess the level of damage and determine the best repair plan to ensure a permanent, undetectable repair. Proper gelcoat repairs involve more than simply putting the gelcoat onto the surface, sanding it down and polishing it. Gelcoat nicks, scratches, dents, gouges and stress cracks take more time and involve a number of steps to repair. AGFR repairs are virtually invisible because we identify and repair any underlying damage to the fiberglass laminate, or core beneath, such that the surface problem will never reappear. Fiberglass In some cases it is difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference between cosmetic gelcoat damage and the need for fiberglass repair. AGFR assesses the damage and determines the level of repair required to preserve the look, value and safety of your vessel. Structural damage requires analysis of the orientation of fiberglass layers as the damaged area is opened up. Each part of a boat endures different structural loads and is constructed accordingly using directional strands within each fiberglass layer. From proper surface preparation to selecting appropriate resins, each phase matters. The strength of a repair must always match or exceed the strength of the surrounding laminates. Contact us today for straight talk about the repairs you need: Hull Damage •Collisions or Grounding •Blistering •Delamination •Cracking •Stringer Replacement •Rudder Repairs •Transom Replacement •Cored Hull Repair •Storm Damage Deck/Interior Repairs •Wet or Rotten Core Replacement •Cracking •Load Failures •Non-skid Repairs •Gelcoat mold-imprint replacement •Moisture Meter Testing •Bulkhead Repair/Replacement •Chainplate Repairs


7416 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD 21403

Gavin B said:


Over 20 years Steve Uhthoff has been the person I have gone to for fiberglass repairs. Steve and his team conducted repairs to my yacht before I went to the Sydney Olympics games in 2000 which made it possible for us to perform at a world class level in the Star Boat Class. I have always found Steve trustworthy, and he always went the extra mile to make sure the work was completed on time and on budget.

John W said:


Needed fiberglass work done to the hull and the waterline lowered. It looks as good as new! Very honest and great work!

Brian W said:


Fiberglass techs here are second to none and did great work on my Beneteau. Would highly recommend..