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TJ Detailing is based in Annapolis, MD and has over 15 years of experience in boat detailing and maintenance. We provide free estimates and proof of insurance. Please find a complete list of our services below: - Waxing - Bright Work - Shrink Wrap - Engine Detailing - Bottom Painting - Fiberglass Repair - Teak and Wood Work - Hull and Bilge Cleaning - Interior and Cabin Cleaning - Compound and Wet Sanding - Prop Shaft and Outdrive Refurbishing


389 Deale Road, Tracys Landing, MD 20779

Andrew S said:


TJ Detailing did a great job winterizing and shrink-wrapping my center console. Extremely communicative, and professional. Tremendous quality of work.

Dan M said:


I had TJ Detailing detail my boat and I am beyond happy! My boat looks better today than it did the day I bought it. I called Tyler on a Monday hoping to have my boat ready for the weekend. Not only did he have it done, but he had it ready for me to inspect by noon on WEDNESDAY! Tyler's prompt and friendly service was refreshing an his knowledge about the products he uses and boats he works on is amazing. I will forever use TJ Detailing for all of my boating needs.

William L said:


My 42' sailboat was really in need of some TLC before I could sell it. A friend of mine suggested I call Tyler from TJ Detailing. I am so glad that I did. Not only did he re-finish the teak on my boat, he put a wax on her that made her look brand new. All of the imperfections from the previous season were no longer there and I could literally see my reflection in the finished product. Tyler is extremely knowledgeable in his business and knows exactly what needs to be done to ensure satisfaction. His crew were pleasant, very friendly, efficient and professional. I give TJ Detailing a 5-star rating and will continue to work with them and recommend them to all my friends and family.

Ralph M said:


I own a large sport fishing boat that sat for almost 4 years without appearance maintenance. When it came time to re-commission I set about to find a detailer that would bring it back to yacht condition and contacted four detailing companies to discuss the job and provide a quote. Wow, I felt like I was yelling into a barrel and only hearing my own voice. Three of these companies looked at the job but never responded in any way, and one company never even acknowledged my inquiry. Thankfully a friend suggested that I call Tyler of TJ Detailing. We agreed on a time to inspect the job and he actually showed up...early! Our discussion made it clear that I had a very high quality expectation, and he provided a sound plan to achieve that goal. He also provided a fair quote on the spot and a reasonable start/finish date. Now, anybody that has been around the marine service business as a customer can attest to the fact there's often a very large abyss between what's promised and actual performance. Many Mondays past the "start date" can go by without hearing a word from the contractor with whom you have an agreement. Sometimes it can seem as though your contractor has been ingested by his own voice mail system. Not so with Tyler. If there was a delay (legitimate bad weather situations) he was right on the phone to offer apologies for Gods' whimsical nature and offer commitments (which he kept) to be right back at it as soon as the weather broke. So, you can check off the "conducts business properly" box....Tyler is responsive, polite, punctual, and a good communicator. That is truly a rarity today! But, beyond all the that and the absolute best part, is that he and his crew did a beautiful job. They cared about what I wanted, and they kept at it until they got it right. What they do is very tough work, yet they never hesitated to go over a spot yet another time if it didn't meet expectations. In my book TJ Detailing deserves the 5 star rating."

Trey G said:


I am an owner of a 2004 Carver 420 Mariner which was in desperate need of some good topside attention. My boat receives several coats of wax on the hull before launching each spring and normally receives topside conditioning shortly thereafter. Last year I did not shrink wrap and found myself mid-year without proper protection and began my search to correct my condition. Having my boat at Herrington Harbor affords many different contractors to choose from and I think I have used all of them one time or another. On this occasion I was reading Herrington’s publication and noticed that a new provider had been highlighted, TJ Detailing. After contacting the company I found myself in a very different kind of conversation. During previous arrangements, the discussion quickly focused on length of my boat and price per foot. On this particular call, the focus was on the type of boat and it soon became very clear that the person I was talking to had a high degree of knowledge about the manufacture’s gel coat and their application. The next thing that became evident was that this individual knew “Boaters”! Boater owners to me are a very different sort of clientele; they have high valued items, they are normally very time sensitive and are almost always emotionally attached to their craft. The person I was dealing with clearing knew how to navigate these issues, and for me, that was a welcome surprise. The final attribute, and ironically the last one I thought of, was the performance of the team sent to bring my boat back to its pervious luster. It must be noted that my wife and I spend a considerable amount of time on our boat during the summer and invariably get to observe many different detailing crews performing their work. This crew is different! Everyone who stepped on my boat was knowledgeable and clearly performed this type of service as their primary employment. Everyone who worked on my boat knew a great deal about boats and boating which translates into a better product. TJ Detailing is not your typical cleaning crew. The company works equally hard on developing a working relationship with their client as they do on servicing the boats at Herrington. This is an organization to keep an eye on because I truly expect more is coming from a company that performs at this level.

Joe M said:


I emailed this company twice over a one month period using the address provided on this site. I wanted to have some detailing done on my Island Packet sailboat. Neither of my emails were responded to.

Richard J said:


When it was done, my boat looked like it was brand new. Next year I'm going to have them do the whole boat and use their spring commissioning service. I just got the exterior detailed this year and when I saw it, I thought I was brand new. Just a great job.

Melinda A said:


I wrote my first review in November, after a job started in March, 2018, had still not been completed, despite many promises of its being done "next week." Eventually I received no responses at all over several months. I was very concerned for Tyler and thought something had happened to him. Updating my previous review, I was finally able to track down Tyler in person in his truck in late November. He said he was on his way to my boat and apologized for how long it had taken. He and his crew completed the job by the end of November, waiving the balance due. Since, by then, she was already shrink wrapped for winter I could not see how my boat looked in the sunlight, but what I could see looked fine. I will update this review again once I have seen my boat in the light, and may change my rating at that point.