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We do not indiscriminately offer our services–our services are tailored to each and every client to achieve our standards. We solely offer PREMIUM services backed through our certifications. We strictly use the highest quality products and equipment on the market. Yacht Management: Maintenance -Mechanics -Electrical -Electronics -Plumbing -Water and Filtration Systems Concierge -Service Arrangements -Haulout Arrangements -Trip Preparation and Return Captain Services Dive Services: Hull Cleaning Using certified Best Management Practice (BMP) techniques obtained through the California Professional Divers Association, our divers use the least abrasive techniques to help achieve the full life span of your paint, restore your paint's effectiveness, while providing you with greater performance and fuel efficiency. Progressed stages of biofouling will constitute additional charges. Anode Replacement Replacements are available one-time, or during a scheduled hull cleaning at a discounted rate. Detailing: Stage I Detail A single-stage process, including: an application of our proprietary blend. Stage II Detail A two-stage process of our proprietary blend, including: polish, and wax. Stage III Detail A three-stage process of our proprietary blend, including: compound, polish, and wax. Interior Detail All but not limited to the following: -Dusting -Sweeping -Vacuuming -Sanitizing -Dish Washing -Oven Cleaning -Refrigerator Cleaning -Window Cleaning -Toilet Cleaning -Shower Cleaning Enhanced Services -Rust Removal -Metal Polishing -Vinyl Deep Cleaning -Window Polishing -Application of UV Inhibitors -Carpet Cleaning -Upholstery Cleaning -Heavy Stain Removal -Odor Removal -Leather Treatment Teak Care -Cleaning -Oil Varnish Include the highest quality materials and caulked edges to create the most aesthetically appealing varnished products you've seen. Painting: Topside -Exterior -Bilges -Engine Rooms Below the Water -Racing Bottoms -Bottom Paints -Barrier Coats -Stripping Repairs: Cosmetic -Paint Matching -Gelcoat Matching Structural Repair -Fiberglass -Filling -Fairing


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