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Matteson Marine Service Department At Matteson Marine we take service seriously. From routine maintenance to repairs and rebuilding of boats, motors and equipment our service is second to none. Our service department has earned some of the highest possible awards for our dedicated and talented service professionals. With on the water test facilities we can test our work in real working conditions. This also allows us to test your boat to be sure that we are making the proper repairs to your boat. No matter what your service or repair needs are, we can handle them all in our full service shop including in and out of warranty repairs. Our dedication to service means that you will have your boat back in the water and back in use with a minimum amount of downtime. The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding. Specializing in stock and high performance boats and outboard motors, we are equipped to make your deck, fishing or pontoon boat suitable for you and your needs. We have top factory-trained technicians on duty during all business hours. We honor all warranty work and favor any recalls. We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your Lund or South Bay boat, also Mercury Marine® or Yamaha Marine outboard motor in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.


12001 Marsh Road, Shelbyville, MI 49344

John C said:


I just want to say how amazed my wife and I are at the quality of the people at this company. First of all it is truly a family that runs this...they are almost all Mattesons so there is a real trust level here we have not felt at other dealerships. This family business goes back several generations! Long story short, we purchased a 2019 Tri-toon and had it custom made with some special features, colors, lighting package, trim package, and even an engine that they wouldn't normally order on a boat and they not only ordered it for us like that, but they never even asked us to sign anything or put any money down until the boat actually was in the water already! I am in real estate and that just doesn't happen in my line of work so I was kind of in shock...I kept calling Kyle the boat sales manager to make sure we were okay :-) Because we custom ordered this boat, after 2 months of use it had a major issue that was solely the responsibility of the manufacturer for the custom engine we asked Matteson Marine to put on for us. We are SO GLAD we bought from a dealership actually on Gun Lake or we would have been in a world of hurt when our custom engine blew a piston and Kyle Matteson came right out and rescued us. When the manufacturer had delay replacing the engine, these guys took amazing care of us the entire time and loaned us a new boat that was a perfect temporary replacement for the one we just bought brand new! Next time we buy a boat we are just going to take Kyle's recommendation! We have gotten to meet almost everyone now at the place and every one of them is top notch and about the nicest folks we've ever had the pleasure to meet. My wife and I just can't recommend them enough!

David G said:


I recently purchase a new South Bay pontoon from the team at Matteson and it was the best new boat buying experience I have had! Matteson is 4.5 hours from my home, so I had a long Drive there and back. But the team was so helpful and friendly. The price was great, no documentation fees or any hidden costs. I wrote a check and the deal was done. There was one niggling seat issue, but they jumped right on it and got it fixed quickly so I could get back on the road. They also helped adjust the bunks on my old trailer, even though I had the tools to do it. When we loaded it onto my old trailer, Vaughan noticed the wheel hubs had no grease covers and looked a bit dry, so he got a couple of new grease covers, repacked the bearings as best he could without removing the hubs, and put them on. That is above and beyond the call of duty - and he wouldnt let me pay for them. That never happens. When I got to my home town I went to the one gas station in town that supplies non-ethanol fuel to fill up the 27 gallon tank ... and managed to squeeze 0.3 gallons in it. Matteson had filled the tank to the brim before the lake trial, I guess. That never happens, in my experience. I have always had to fill a practically empty tank in any new vehicles (cars, trucks, boats, mowers, etc.)I have bought in the past. So it was great service all around and I have nothing but positive recommendations for every department at Matteson Marine. Thanks Kyle, Vaughan and everyone who made my experience a real joy!

Rick M said:


We purchase our new 2017 South Bay from Vaughn Mills at the 2017 boat show at Devos Place, Vaughn was very willing to help us with all our questions, he made us a fantastic deal on the package we wanted. We picked it up April 15, the entire dealership was friendly and treated us like we were their only customers (even though they had 5 more deliveries that day). I can't say enough good things about Matteson Marine and Vaughn Mills. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a boat or pontoon. Thanks Vaughn and Matteson for a great boat and a great price. Rick Moore

Tom B said:


Wanted to purchase a fishing boat but wasn't sure what I wanted. After talking to a couple of friends I decided to look at Matteson marine. They carried Lund,Alumacraft and Ranger. Which were the top fishing boats that I reasurched. I could see all of these in one stop.after talking to Kevin he was able to guide me through a smooth buying experience. I decided on the Lund 1775 Impact with a 115 Mercury. I would really like to thank Kevin and the guys for their no pressure tactics and helping me with our purchase. I will tell my friends what a great dealership that you have.thanks again