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Dealer's Choice Marine was established in 2000 by a father and son team with a passion for boating. When David and Justin Miller started this venture they wanted to be the best. So to accomplish this objective they set out to offer a higher standard when it comes to the details of delivering boats that offer the highest quality and value. In addition to supplying the customer with a knowledgeable sales staff, they also have a expert service team that can get their customers back onto the water safely and quickly. In the past our dealership only focused on the best built boats. Our dealership now focuses not only on the best built boats, also the best boat companies. Dealer's Choice Marine is the premier dealer of: Chaparral Runabouts & Cruisers, Robalo and Berkshire. Take a closer look and I think you would agree, our boat lines offer superior engineering and construction innovations that maximize performance, handling, and all around durability. We also offer competitive financing and mobile service. If this is your year for a new boat, choose not only the boat that gives you the best standard features and most confidence "Choose The Best"...... We Did!


5980 Lakehurst Dr., Orlando, FL 32819