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True North Yachting specializes in new vessel commissioning. The crew at TNY brings over 100 years of combined experience to every project and can provide custom system installations, general service, rigging, boat/rig transportation, sea trial and everything in between! Commissioning Listening and Collaboration: Our commissioning process begins with a due diligence meeting to understand and prioritize your expectations for your new vessel. We regularly update our clients on the progress of the commissioning process through digital media, photos, and video. Sourcing & Purchasing: From our extensive vendor list we choose the products that best fit our client’s needs, budget, and future intended use of the boat. We set up an installation schedule based on product lead time and length of time to install said equipment. Build-out: When we receive your vessel, we carefully inspect and photo document its condition to help ensure that no work related damage is done during commissioning. TNY technicians perform high quality installations with a relentless focus on usability and aesthetics. We stand by our commissioning and installation work, and perform thorough quality assurance to make sure all systems are working as expected. TNY also sea trials each vessel prior to the customer setting foot aboard to ensure the vessel meets safety requirements. Handover: TNY takes a hands on approach to helping clients acclimate to their new vessel. New owners will be taken on an introductory sail with our professional crew and receive 1-2 days of instruction in the systems and operations of the new vessel. Beyond Commissioning At TNY, we partner with our clients beyond the initial commissioning. We are there to repair and help file warranty claims throughout the boats warranty period. We can also be your go to guys for all service, repair, and additional equipment installations. Our technicians are experts in electronics installations, mechanical systems, engine/generator-set, water/waste systems, rigging, and winterization. Give us a call and let us transform your boat into the boat of your dreams. We look forward to working with you!


7310 Edgewood Road, Annapolis, MD 21403

Billy B said:


If you're a serious sailor and are buying a new boat, True North is the place to go for commissioning. They helped me outfit my Catalina 34 before my first south to Florida and I have used them ever since.

Harry A said:


Hello from the Caribbean! These guys are my team! I had just bought my boat and he went over it thoroughly to make sure Iwas ready for offshore sailing. We needed updated electronics and navigation equipment, also some new rigging. They said the sail we had would be fine to use so we saved some money. Would not go for a long cruise without consulting them first.

Jim O said:


I took my boat to the Bahamas after they worked on it! It's a long trip and especially precarious given you're crossing the gulf stream. They completely outfitted me for offshore, blue water sailing. I only have my wife with me to handle the boat so if something goes totally wrong we are done for. Equipment is crucial and they made sure we had all the gear and that our navigation system was full proof.

Eric L said:


The owner was very helpful in getting me set up before going offshore. I had no idea how much equipment was needed and never would have thought of half the necessities he suggested. Great location too!