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WILMINGTON MARINE SERVICE Wilmington Marine Services operates a full service yacht yard for boats of all sizes which includes fuel, 75 ton lift, and complete engine service for diesel, gas, outboards. MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, AND PLUMBING We understand that your boat is your home away from home. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing problems are inevitable. Wilmington Marine’s experienced technicians have the skills and expertise to repair a wide range of problems, including wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, and other systems. Whether your boat requires mechanical or plumbing repairs, electrical rewiring, or upgraded systems, Wilmington Marine will ensure your boat is comfortable, functional, and up-to-date with the latest mechanical, electrical, and plumbing standards. BOAT HULL & BOTTOM PAINT We know that your boat is an investment and a source of pride. Wilmington Marine’s professional boat painting services will restore your boat’s exterior to like-new condition with a long-lasting coat of color that will keep your boat looking beautiful. Bottom paint requires special attention and high quality materials to protect your boat from daily exposure to sun and water. Bottom paint also prevents bacterial growth and oxidization that can negatively impact your boat’s speed and performance and damage its exterior and structure over time. We do not cut corners, and we use top paint brands like Interlux and Awlgrip for beautiful shine and durability. Our boat painting services include powerwashing, topside and interior painting and varnishing, and bottom prep and paint services. Our crew uses the best paint brands such as Alexseal and Awlgrip to ensure a long lasting, beautiful coat of color. They are committed to having your boat looking shiny and new when they put a fresh coat of paint on for you. SAILBOAT RIGGING Your sailboat rigging is exposed to extreme elements, including saltwater, wind, and sun. Sailboat rigging is commonly made with stainless steel, which is vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion can impact your sailboat’s speed, performance, and safety. Annual inspection can ensure your sailboat rigging’s integrity and durability for years to come. Wilmington Marine’s expert technicians will inspect your sailboat rigging from top to bottom to ensure it’s in top shape when you’re on the water. We inspect tangs, turnbuckles, chainplates, fittings, welds, rivets, and maststeps to identify potential problems and repair or replace components to prevent major damage to your mast. We even have the equipment and expertise to inspect your sailboat rigging aloft. We keep spare hardware on hand for quick repairs, and expedited delivery is available for specialty items to get you back on the water as soon as possible. FIBERGLASS BOAT REPAIR Whether you’re looking for minor cosmetic repairs or full yacht restoration, Wilmington Marine’s fiberglass boat repair services will restore your fiberglass boat to top condition. Our experienced technicians are skilled in fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, and painting. Water damage, sun damage, storm damage, accidents, and daily wear and tear can all degrade your fiberglass boat’s exterior. It’s important to repair these issues quickly as minor stress cracks and dents can lead to more serious damage over time. The professionals at Wilmington Marine will identify and repair minor cracks and dents before they become major damage. More serious issues like holes, craters, coring, and laminate damage require professional expertise as they can threaten your boat’s structural integrity. You can trust Wilmington Marine to repair your boat to the highest standards. Using quality materials and skills acquired through years of experience, our technicians provide a high level of service to protect your investment and keep your boat on the water for years to come. BOAT REPAIR AND STORAGE RATES Wilmington Marine provides professional boat repair, paint, hauling, and storage services. We are dedicated to providing the highest service standards for our customers and friends. Contact us for additional information if you have any questions about our rates. All work must be paid in full before the boat leaves our facility. For certain material orders or service work, the service center may require a deposit. Power or Pressure Washing: Wilmington Marine Service will NOT be held responsible for the amount of ablative paint that we remove in trying to clean bottoms. We are sensitive to the owner’s wishes but do not guarantee any specific amount of paint being removed or paint remaining. Wilmington Marine Service LLC has a surcharge of 2% for ALL credit cards transactions over $2500. For all work completed by WMS personnel, there is an additional 3% charge for shop supplies which includes an environmental charge. Commercial vessels will incur a 5% surcharge in compliance with the Federal Statuary Coverage US Longshore and Harbor Workers. Rates are subject to change without notice. **Boat Hauling Rates** Haul, Block & Launch for boats 49′ and over or beams over 19′ – $16.50 per foot Haul, Block & Launch for boats under 49′ or beams up to 19′ – $11.50 per foot Short Haul – Boats 49’ and over or beams over 19 – $11.50 per foot Short Haul – Boats 49’ and under or beams over 19 – $8.50 per foot Boats short hauled for survey will incur an additional $100.00 survey fee. If your boat has splash rails, there is an additional charge of $2 per foot. Call 910-395-5016 for multi-hull pricing **Labor Fees** Yard Labor – $65 per Hour Powerwash – $85 per hour Topside and interior paint and varnish – $98 per Hour Fiberglass/Gelcoat Repair/Paint – $98 per hour Bottom prep and paint – $60 per hour Carpentry – $98 per hour Rigging Onground – $98 per hour Mechanical/Electrical – $98 per hour Rigging Aloft – $118 per hour DO IT YOURSELF WORK Must read and accept Statement of Yard Pricing and Billing Policies Must provide evidence of insurance to cover vessel and potential damage to other property in the Yard Subcontractors Subcontractors must sign in daily and are required to provide proof of insurance prior to beginning work on our property. Must read and accept Statement of Yard Pricing and Billing Policies. WORK SPACE RENTAL OUTSIDE MAIN WORK AREA ON 3410 YARD WHEN AVAILABLE/Space is limited! Electrical plug-in is NOT included. Requires a prepayment of 1st and last month and card left on file to be auto charged at the 1st of each month. $13.00/ft/month 6 MONTH MINIMUM STAY REQUIRED WORK SPACE RENTAL INSIDE MAIN WORK AREA ON 3410 YARD WHEN AVAILABLE/Space is limited! Requires a prepayment for 1st two months AND last month and card left on file to be auto charged at the 1st of each month. Work Space Rental INSIDE main work area on 3410 yard Requires card left on file to be auto charged. A deposit may be required at the manager’s discretion. UNDER 3 MONTHS $.95/ft/day **Land Storage** SHORT TERM STORAGE $0.95 per foot per day for Do It Yourself (DIY) customers LONG TERM STORAGE AT 3610 RIVER RD $100.00 fee for blocking and stands Requires prepayment for 1st two months AND last month and card must be left on file to be auto charged at the 1st of each month. $6.00/ft/month 3 MONTH (rolling) MINIMUM STAY REQUIRED LONG TERM STORAGE AT 3410 RIVER RD WHEN AVAILABLE/Space is limited! Rate is $12 per foot plus $50 per month for utilities 3 month minimum stay required Rates are subject to change without notice.


3410 River Road Suite 201, Wilmington, NC 28412