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Boatyards come and boatyards go. However, since 2002, our promise remains. Your boat needs a little varnish? Fiberglass repair? Gel coat repair? Bottom paint? Perhaps a full restoration? Anchors Away Boatyard will get you back on the water on time and on budget. We focus on quality. We give our customers honest and reliable service and fair prices. Stop by today to have a look at the boat repair projects we’re working on now. We’ll be happy to answer your boat repair questions. Boat repair may be complicated, but dealing with us is not. However, communication is key, each step of the way. In fact, boaters come to us from all over North Carolina. Southport. Wilmington. Hampstead. Topsail. Sneads Ferry. Jacksonville. Even the Outer Banks. However, no matter where they hail from, we give our customers the best boatyard experience possible. Constant training makes our boatyard techs among the best in the business. In addition, to support our in-house staff, we partner with a select group of certified specialists. This balanced approach lets us meet the unique needs of our customers. Because we draw on decades of boat repair experience, you can count on a range of innovative ideas at the lowest prices. Do-It-Yourself Boatyard. We feature full service boat repair. But we also welcome boaters who like to do their own work. We are a DIY boat repair boatyard. In addition, we can support your DIY work with professional advice about your boat. For instance, we can help you choose the right bottom paint. Or, we might send a tech to check out your engine or electrical system. Each boater’s need are unique. We service sailboats. We service fishing boats and trawlers. No matter the boat, all boaters love low cost boat storage and full marine service. Visit us today and revisit the golden age of boating. BOAT REPAIRS Anchors Away Boatyard is a boat and yacht service company. We specialize in boat repairs, maintenance and boat storage. Also, we offer Fiberglass Boat Repair. Boat repairs can be complex, but dealing with us is not. We strive to communicate well at every stage of the boat repair operation. In everything we do, your boating safety and pleasure takes precedence. ♦ Boat Motor Repair ♦ Marine Electronics Repair ♦ Marine Generator Repair ♦ Outboard Repair ♦ Boat Fuel Systems ♦ Cooling Systems ♦ Vibration Remediation ♦ Exhaust & Manifold Service ♦ Propeller Repair ♦ Shaft Straightening ♦ Strut Repair ♦ Engine Alignment ♦ Cutlass Bearings ♦ Sanitation Systems Running gear repair: ♦ Propellers ♦ Rudders ♦ Shafts ♦ Struts ♦ Cutlass bearings ♦ Underwater boat damage Anchors Away repairs boats to 64 tons. We regularly align engines, troubleshoot vibrations, and repair other damage due to groundings. Our technicians also repair boats damaged by electrolysis. This often has two stages. First, we repair the failed components. Second, we fix what caused the failure. Additionally, we service fresh water and sanitation systems. MOTOR BOAT REPAIR SPECIALISTS In addition to our in-house crew, we maintain one of the most extensive boat repair contractor networks in the Carolinas. Thus, Wilmington area boaters get the right expertise every time. These techs have all the right certifications and software for a variety of boat repairs. ♦ Detroit Diesel ♦ Caterpillar ♦ Yanmar ♦ Cummins ♦ Mercruiser ♦ Volvo ♦ Marine Power ♦ Kohler ♦ Honda ♦ Yamaha ♦ Mercury ♦ Suzuki We can save you money on boat repairs and maintenance. For instance, if you need a tuneup, cutlass bearings or a complete re-power, we’ll get you back on the water quickly and economically. MARINE ELECTRONICS We install and trouble shoot most marine electronics. Our network of ABYC certified marine electronics pros sell and service Raymarine, Furuno, Sitex and Garmin electronics and navigation gear. We speak networking and NMEA. CARPENTRY Carpentry and boats share a long history together. Our capabilities range from structural boat building to yacht quality joinery. Together with our industry leading partners, we cover the gamut of wooden boat repair tasks. As a result, during your stay the boat yard can replace a few planks on the hull. Additionally, we can fabricate doors and windows. We can install new teak decks. Or, perhaps a new toe rail. In short, our two pronged approach give our customers choices and flexibility. First, our in-house carpenters offer convenience and broad experience. Then, the members of our extensive specialist network offer even more experience in specialized areas. In fact, their background ranges from wooden and composite marine repairs on sailboats and motorboats to fabrication and design. As a result, customers can access the best of both worlds. Foremost, boats get access to a dedicated yacht carpentry crew capable of both structural repair and the most intricate interior joinery. Carpentry Services: Teak Decking. Teak & Holly Interior Flooring. Cover and Coaming Boards. Custom Cabinetry. Toe Rails. Headliners. Bunks. Storage. Tables. Instrument Panels. We maintain the Carolinas’ largest network of marine pros. For instance, we work with shipwrights, boat builders, yacht carpenters and painters from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Most important, each of them are dedicated to helping you keep your vessel in sound working condition for years to come. Our carpenters handle everything from major structural repairs to custom interiors.


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