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1400 Crescent Lake Rd, Waterford, MI 48327

Matthew C said:


Seller beware!!!! This dealership takes advantage of people. My father died in January and left a boat sitting in his warehouse and my mother, living on the West Coast and needing to get rid of it, decided to call Sunset to see if they could help. She was told someone would pick it up and they would give her $1000 for the boat, motor, trailer, and oars. A month went by and she finally received a check last week for $300. When she called Sunset to find out where the rest of the money was, Sunset told her that they'd send her the rest when the boat sold, in a week or so. A week went by and after receiving both the title and my fathers death certificate, Sunset called and said "We are a poor little boat dealer and can't afford to give her the rest of the money". They gave her two options, the first being that she could return the check and come and pick up the boat. Obviously not ideal when she lives on the West Coast and the second, to take the $300 for something that they are now listing on their website for $1995!!!! Shame on them. To take advantage of a widow, my mother who is relying on the money from the sale to live. Never, Ever give them any business,as they will definitely take advantage of you!!!

Patti S said:


We love Sunset Boats, and have been doing business with them for many years. My husband and I are always "Completely Satisfied". Last Spring we purchased a new pontoon and we get alot of compliments when we're out on the lake. Kurt and Debbie were so helpful when we were shopping for our new pontoon. They told us the benefits of certain equpipment, and when not to pay more for something we didn't need. We got a good deal and they even helped us find someone to take the old boat life out. We wouldn't go anywhere else!!! Patti and Scott S.

Mike B said:


I went to Sunset for years for service while my boat was under warranty (typically just winterizing), never to be disappointed. After my boat was out of warranty, I chose to do most the work myself. I stop in once, maybe twice a year now for general maintenance items, and they still remember my name. It's refreshing to hear "hey, Mike! How's the Larson?" when I walk in, as it is less common to see a local shop that makes the effort to know it's customers. Their inventory isn't as large as a major retailer, but shipping is fast if you order anything.