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Batteries, Brokerage, Commissioning, Dealership, Electrical, Engine Cooling/Heat Transfer, Exhaust Systems, Fueling Systems, General Rigging, Inboard Engine, Masts & Spars, Pumps, Refrigeration, Rope/Cordage, Winches & Windlasses


SERVICE Your boat is a big investment and how you maintain it can help protect that investment. JK3 Nautical Enterprises, Inc. has the maintenance knowledge and related skills that can help. Whether you are looking for regular upkeep, quarterly engine and mechanical inspections, or race preparation, we have a program and crew dedicated to working for you. Our service plans are built on knowledge – knowledge about design and manufacturing, knowledge of one design and PHRF requirements, knowledge of running rig layout and standing rig tuning. Our service department is factory trained, insuring that your investment receives the highest in quality workmanship. MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL SERVICE PLAN Electrical System checked: Battery charger checked for proper operation Automatic bilge pump operation Interior and exterior lights operation Batteries checked for water and condition Battery connections checked for corrosion and tightness Engine started and systems checked Fluid levels Close inspection for oil, fuel and water leaks Hoses and hose clamps checked Exhaust system checked for leaks Cooling water flow checked for adequate flow Check packing gland Alternator output Thru hull valves checked for proper operation Refrigeration checked for normal operation REGATTA PREPARATION PLAN Mast and Rig Checked Check Mast Check pre-bend Check mast rake Check mast step position Check partner blocks Check and set shroud tension to dockside tune utilizing Loos gauge Running Rigging Checked Check all halyards for wear Check sheaves for freedom of movement Check mainsheet and blocks for proper operation Check rope clutches for proper operation. Check winches for proper and smooth operation, service if necessary Check genoa cars and track for smooth operation Check vang and strut for proper operation Check all shackles for smooth operation and lubricate if necessary. CUSTOM & SPECIALTY PLANS Instrument calibration Electronic compass Wind instruments Speed instruments RIG TUNING SERVICE Based upon mast and rig check, tuning services are available in consultation with the owner or owners representative SPECIAL PROJECTS Our trained professionals are available for individual projects, repairs and upgrades. We are happy to provide fee estimates for all work. OIL AND FUEL FILTER SERVICES Routine engine oil services ever 100hr or 6 months Fuel filters checked and changed as necessary


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